Occupy to Own (OTO) better known as rent to own (R2O)

What is Occupy to Own?

Occupy to Own is an agreement that allows you to occupy the house you intend on purchasing in the future at a price that is predetermined at the beginning of your contract.

Who can apply to our program?

Our program is for candidates in process of repairing their credit, who do not qualify for a mortgage only because of bad credit. It is available to candidates with significant savings. By that, we mean the minimum 20% of down payment requested by financial institutions for purchasing the selected house as an income property without insurance on the loan.

Candidates must have a permanent revenue stream in order to qualify for a residential mortgage on the selected property, considering they had a good credit at the time of qualification.

Let us look at potential causes for such a situation:

  • Less than perfect credit
  • Bankruptcy in the last 7 years
  • Little to no credit history (e. g. new worker or immigrant to Canada awaiting permanent residence or citizenship)
  • Divorce, which affected credit

What are the advantages of our Occupy to Own Program?

  • You get to choose the house of your dreams and move in it in about 30 to 90 days (there are exceptions)
  • The get the chance to repair and/or build your credit with our advice
  • You know from Day 1 the price you will be purchasing your house for at the end of each the lease option milestone (years), thus avoiding unexpected market price increases
  • No lease, but an agreement that allows you can embrace pride of ownership from day 1, taking good care of your place of residence.

What sets us appart from the competition?

Our highly flexible Program that allows you to select your property, our personalized approach perfectly adapted to help you fix your credit, and our team of real estate professionals working with you, for you.