Tailored Real Estate Investment Strategies

Preconceived ideas insinuate that investing in real estate requires being an income property owner (landlord) or dealing with tenants. Do not get wrong. These activities need to occur in order to generate operational incomes. However, passive investors can act as financial partners with securities without having to deal with operations. Imagine receiving a monthly income in your TFSA each month.

Continuum explains how one can invest in real estate with savings, RRSP, TFSA or asset equity like a home residence. Continuum Real Estate guides less experienced and more seasonned investors in understanding the strict criteria required to select a taylored strategy and approach to operations and administration.

In summary, real estate is a proven investment vehicle in different types of market when applying Continuum’s teaching and golden rules.

BRRR - secondary suites conversion

The population of Ontario, including Kingston, is growing and more dwellings are required to offer a roof to the increasing number of students, professionals and retirees. This movement of population, along with the city efforts to ease the rules and by-laws for secondary suites, create the perfect storm for Continuum Real Estate Investors and partners to have 5 x win partnerships (investors, property owner, manager, revitalization specialists and tenants).

Revitalization and functional conversion

  • Revitalization and refinancing of single family homes and residential buildings is an operation that requires an excellent knowledge of the micro-market, an accomplished project manager and an efficient team that shows great attention to detail. Over a period of 2 to 4 months, this operation provides increased flow of capital.
  • Investing in a condominium conversion offers several advantages for the real estate investor. Indeed, it is an operation of 12 to 18 months that takes advantage of the increase in value between the price of multi-unit residential buildings and the sale price of individual condominium units.

Multi-Family Properties
The multi-family residential buildings offer the opportunity to benefit from a positive monthly return while generating equity for several years due to appreciation and capitalization. The choice of premium locations, purchasing price, room for increase of value and lean property management are key factors in this type of operation.

Development and condo-hotel partnership

The founders of Continuum are involved in Oceano Hotel & Residence in Costa Rica, where the exceptional convergence of economic, social and environmental factors draws attention to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, specifically to the region of Jacó. Known for its political stability, eco-tourism and significant growth, Costa Rica is a premium destination, both for holidays and for business. Contact us to know how to become a partner and benefit from the option to occupy while receiving revenus from the condo-hotel worry free management.

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